The further north you get, the more brutal the cold weather can be. The snow, the wind, the below freezing temperatures, and the expensive heating bill to counteract the cold effects. However, we have the solution to your winter blues! Installing warmer floors will help reduce your energy bills while also keeping you cozy and warm. Interested? Then here are five flooring recommendations to warm up your home.


There’s no warmer flooring option than carpet, so it’s the most obvious choice if you’re looking to install warm floors in your home. Whatever material the carpeting is made out of, from polyester to wool, the fibres create a natural cushioning effect. Those fibres also trap in air for insulation to keep your feet as warm as possible. Warm to the touch and comfortable, carpeting keeps you cozy without absorbing heat from your body or circulating it throughout the room.

Hardwood Flooring

A durable and gorgeous option when you’re looking for warmer floors, hardwood flooring is an alternative that not many people would consider. Solid wood is a great heat conductor, meaning that heat will travel through your home more quickly than with other materials. As a result, you’ll end up with a lower heating bill while still enjoying the benefits of living in a warm home, day and night.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a good alternative to ceramic or porcelain flooring if you want the look of tile without the chill that often comes with it. And as vinyl can be imitated to look like a variety of other flooring selections, it’s a win-win decision for you. Vinyl planks stay warm in the winter and cool on those hot summer days, meaning that your floors will always be the perfect temperature.

Cork Flooring

Natural insulation thanks to the air bubbles throughout the material, cork floors are a unique choice that can keep you just as warm as carpet. Cork will reduce the cost of your heating bill, as it reflects heat back into the room to warm the entire space. No matter the temperature outside, these floors will always stay warm. Cork floors are also incredibly soft under your feet, making them comfortable in more ways than one.

Area Rugs

Grabbing yourself a fuzzy area rug is a great compromise if you love your tile or stone floors but are still looking to add a bit of warmth. No matter the material, rugs will always keep you warm, and as it’s the cheapest option when it comes to warming your floors, what’s to lose? Area rugs can be added to any surface for a cozy feel. It also adds to the room’s decor, is easy to clean and even easier to move around.

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