Hardwood flooring is one of the most common kinds of flooring in Canada. Not only do they look plush, but are also extremely easy to maintain and care for. Hardwood floors offer the much necessary comfort, especially in the cold, harsh Canadian winter. At the same time, almost all kind of furniture compliments quite well with a hardwood floor. A lot of hardwood floor owners wonder about what kind of care and maintenance do hardwood floors typically need. Hardwood flooring is an expensive but convenient investment and needs to be maintained well to reap the benefits. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your hardwood flooring stays fresh and good looking at all times.

1. Regular cleaning

Most modern hardwood floors are extremely easy to clean and maintain. With a few simple and low-cost tools, cleaning liquids and accessories, one can still keep their lustre and shine for years to come. Most experts recommend using cleaning liquids that are specifically designed for hardwood floors. Combining the liquid with water and using a soft mop, you can gently mop your floors. Completely avoid wet mopping as it can easily cause damage to your floor. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, use the separate attachment specifically meant to clean wooden floors gently. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind while cleaning wooden floors is to let them dry completely before putting the carpet back on the floor and moving all the furniture and fixtures. Failing to do this can leave wet patches on the floor to ruin the top layer.

2. Temperature control

You may not realize it, but maintaining an optimum temperature indoors is not just good for you, your family and your pets. Even your wooden floors like it when its a stable at 60°­–80° F and relative humidity between 30-50% year-round.

3. Pets and children

Do you have pets or kids at home? Most pets are likely to claw and dirty wooden surfaces. Make sure you clip their nails so that you can keep scratches to a minimum. Additionally, you can place a mat beneath their water dish which can act as a barrier between the water and your floor. It is best to let your kids have their play time on a thick protective mat so that any painting or sharp objects do not ruin the coat of your wooden floors. Limiting spillage of liquids and food on a wooden floor can increase the longevity of your floors.

3. Using the right accessories

Whether it is a corner lamp or a soft rug that you recently bought from a coveted rug shop. Remember that the base of these dome decor items will touch your wooden floor and can cause abrasion if they are not protected. Buy a non-abrasive rug with a natural backing to protect your wooden floors. Avoid plastic and rubber based backing as they trap moisture and cause discolouration.

When it comes to adding décor to your home, only rugs with a natural backing (for example, felt) are safe for your wood floor. Stay away from rugs with a synthetic backing as they can both damage and discolour your floor.

When installing wooden flooring, make sure to get a quality wooden flooring that is robust and does not get easily damaged. For this, trust only reputed businesses like New Trendz Flooring to source your wooden flooring panels and installation. Remember that the correct installation is also an important aspect if you want a wooden flooring that looks elegant and stays so for a long time.