When you are choosing new flooring for your home, there are many things that you should consider before diving in with an installation. Think about the activities that go on in that room, the overall colours scheme, the texture you are looking for, what kind of foot traffic you get, and what lifestyle you have. These are all huge factors in determining what type of flooring you need in a room, whether you go with carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood. Here is our list of considerations to make and why you need to think of them when it comes time to pick flooring options for a room in your home.

What Purpose Does The Room Serve

When you decide on flooring for a room one of the first things to consider is the purpose the room serves. Living rooms and dens are often best served with soft, comfortable carpet. Dining rooms are perfect for hardwood because of the chance of food and beverage spills but the low chance of floods. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements should be either laminate or tile because of the possibility of large amounts of water either splashing onto the floor or flooding due to burst pipes, broken toilets and dishwashers, and general activities in those rooms. You do not want to have to clean a carpet out of large amounts of water, which could cause mould, and hardwood can end up warping if there is a flood.

Texture & Colour Scheme

Different flooring will alter the way a room looks and feels. Carpet adds a lot of depth and warmth, and depending on the type it adds quite a bit of visual texture. Hardwood looks classic and elegant. Laminate is surprisingly attractive nowadays and passes as hardwood quite well. Tiles appear cool and comfortable for the heat. Each option will offer a different feel to the room, and you need to think about what feel you are looking for. There are also limited colours in things like hardwood, while you will have many more options in tile, laminate, and carpet.

Foot Traffic

When you are putting in flooring, foot traffic has a lot to do with what option you go with, especially when you are dealing with carpet. Some carpets are not meant for high traffic and can suffer wear and tear quite quickly. Many types are durable though, including textured carpet, which is a very soft carpet made of a two-toned yard, it is also soil-resistant. Hardwood flooring is more susceptible to scratches than laminate, but if you have fallen in love with hardwood, then you will want to go with oak, maple, or hickory as they withstand wear and tear quite well. Tile can crack if something substantial is dropped on it, but general foot traffic will not harm it at all.


Depending on your lifestyle you will want different things out of your floors. If you have kids, then carpet is an excellent option for added comfort and for helping cushion falls (though there can be rug burn) but carpets and pets don’t go well together. Hardwood is beautiful as well, so long as you do not have larger dogs with claws that can scratch and scuff it up. Look at your lifestyle and who lives in your home to decide what kind of floor is best.

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