With all the different possibilities in terms of style, colour, size and texture, choosing a tile floor can be quite challenging. With so many options available, it can be difficult to narrow it down and select the tile that is right for you, which is why you must consider certain factors to help you choose the flooring that best complements your home in terms of décor and personal style.

You must first consider the location because not all tiles are suitable for every type of room in a home. Your choice must be based on safety and practicality so that the tile can handle the actions that take place in that particular location. For example, high traffic areas require durable porcelain tiles because they are able to resist scratching and chipping while bathroom floors require textured tiles because smooth surfaces will get slippery when wet. Tile is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms because it is durable, water-resistant and easy to clean, which is why many homeowners choose this material for these particular areas within their homes.

Next, you’ll need to consider the colour you’d like because this will play a big role in the appearance of the room. If you want to make the room seem bigger choose a lighter colour because it will make a smaller space feel a lot more spacious. If you have a large room you can choose darker tiles so long as there’s enough light to prevent the room from being uninviting. You can also choose tiles that have different colour variations which is perfect for high traffic areas because they are able to mask dirt. 

You’ll also have to think about the pattern of your tiles because there are so many to choose from. Stone-patterned tiles are perfect for a subtle look while marbled stone surfaces are great if you’re looking for more of a statement. Remember that while tile patterns are fun, you don’t want to select something that will clash with the rest of your home’s décor. If the room already has a strong pattern on the walls, it’s better to stay away from patterned flooring because the room will look too busy and unappealing, and neither design will have the effect you’re after. 

Size is also very important because, with tile flooring, this aspect will make a big difference. Small tiles will make a room seem more intimate while larger tiles will make a smaller space feel bigger and they take a lot less time and effort to install, which is something to consider if you’re planning on completing this project on your own. 

Finally, spacing and layout are also important aspects you must consider and New Trendz Flooring will help and ensure you select the perfect flooring based on your lifestyle and needs. If you’re in the Langley area and want a company you can trust who can also provide installation, contact New Trendz Flooring today!