If you will be installing carpets in your space very soon, it is important that you know the signs that your carpet is being installed properly. Below, we give you some things to look out for when having carpet to ensure that your install is seamless.
Wrinkles or Folds
You should inspect the surface of the carpet and look for wrinkles or folds that can cause the carpet to look distorted or rippled. If you see a lump, you can lightly step on it to see whether it vanishes or not. If it disappears then there might have been a small wrinkle in the cushioning and you don’t have to worry about it, but if it doesn’t disappear immediately, then your carpet was poorly installed.
Seams at Borders/Walls
Next, you should inspect the seams whether the carpet meets the wall, baseboards entryways, or other following. If you notice frayed or loose edges that are not neatly tucked under the wall or floorboards, then you will know that your carpet was not installed well. Professional carpet installers will usually secure the edges with extra tact, carpet tape, or move strips to reduce the likelihood of the carpet coming off of the wall and untangling at the corners. If you notice any unattractive seams, you should contact an installer right away.
Unlevels Carpet Surface
Lay on your stomach and examine your carpet from side to side. You can also reposition your body to look at the carpet from another angle. If you don’t see any dips or divots on the surface of your carpet, then you can be assured that you have a great carpet installation. A carpeted surface should always be smooth and leveled. If you do notice some imperfect areas, then the cushioning underneath your carpet could have collapsed.
Stair Liners
The carpet will be glued to the edges of stairs to ensure that it remains in place. Take a look at the opposite sides of the stairs, particularly the side that supports the stair railing and make sure that the carpet is wrapped around the handrail without any gaps or loose ends.
Questions to Ask Your Installer
How long have you been in business?
A well-established company will always be the best option because you’ll know they have the experience and expertise to get the job done.
What is included in the final price?
This is an important question to ask for both you and your installer. You’ll want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the process from start to finish to eliminate any possibility of a misunderstanding.

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