No matter what type of flooring you are installing, whether it’s hardwood or carpet, there are ways to prepare the area to simplify the process. If you’re having new flooring installed and the date has been set, here is a list of things you can do beforehand that will help both you, the homeowner, as well as the installers.

  1. Remove all of your breakable and precious items and put them in a safe place. A reputable installation company will have the skills and experience to complete the installation professionally, but you just can’t guarantee that the process will be perfect. If you don’t want to take any chances with your breakable items, remove them so that they are not in the way.
  2. Discuss in advance who will be responsible for moving the furniture and any appliances so that everyone knows their responsibilities beforehand and everything can run smoothly the day of. It’s always best to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
  3. Has your gas appliances and electronics disconnected so that the floors can be installed without any damage to those components. 
  4. If flooring is being installed in closets or storage areas, all of the items must be removed. Doing this in advance will save everyone a lot of time and prevent the day from being wasted. It also means the installers won’t be standing around and waiting for you to move all of the items you have in your closet.
  5. It is very important for the homeowner and the installers to have functioning doors that open and close. If the height of the new flooring is going to affect the functionality of your doors you need to adjust them beforehand to avoid complicated issues on the day of.
  6. No matter the condition of your current floors over which the new flooring will be installed, you must clean it thoroughly before your new flooring is placed on top. This will ensure cleanliness and perfection.
  7. If you have wall hangings in and around the area where the new flooring will be installed, you should remove them. This includes drapes, picture frames and paintings. This will ensure that they don’t get damaged during the installation process and can easily go back on the walls once the job is complete.

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