The choice between hardwood flooring and carpet is always a tough one. Hardwood is the easier one of the two to maintain. However, if taken care of, carpet has multiple benefits over hardwood. If you’re currently on the fence about whether to install hardwood or carpet, here are some reasons why you should go with the latter.

Improves Air Quality

Allergies and bacteria are everywhere. The consensus amongst most people is that carpet contract allergens and bacteria, which leads to a decrease in air quality. That may be the case in some situations but in all reality, carpet traps these two air investers. Keeping allergens, dust, and dirt out of the air improves its quality. As long as you’re not rolling around the carpet like most young children do, switching from hardwood flooring to carpet could really benefit you.


Speaking of children, the carpet is softer and more comfortable to play on. It’s hard to control where in the house your children will play, so you might as well make the surface as safe as possible. Hardwood has no cushioning feel to it so in the event that your child or children are flying around and you’re not able to monitor the little monsters, carpet is your best bet to ensuring their safety on ground-level.

Noise Reduction

Carpet is known to be a noise barrier. Whether it’s the television or you’re recording something inside a studio, carpet is a great way to ease the pressure off of your ears. Maybe you’re going downstairs to get a late-night snack. A lot of the times trodding up and down the hardwood stairs can make that loud thumping noise. With carpet, that heavy footing is dumbed down and you won’t have to worry as much about waking anybody up.


While wood is a great conductor, it isn’t able to store any of the actual heat within your home. With carpet, it’s a completely different case. In Canada, we’re used to having our heaters cranked for the majority of the year. If you’re thinking about in terms of cost-cutting, the carpet could save you a lot on your hydro bill. The carpet will get warmer quicker and stay warmer longer than hardwood.


When it comes to hardwood, the options for design and being creative are pretty limited. Carpet, on the other hand, comes in so many different colours, patterns, fabrics, and styles. Carpet can be the foundation or the finishing touch for a home renovation project you have.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Wool, seagrass, cotton, and bamboo. Those are just some of the options you have for the material of your carpet and if you want to accommodate for an eco-friendly environment inside your house. Carpet can also be made from recycled materials. Hardwood requires cutting down several trees, a very unfriendly thing to do to our ecosystem.

If you were unsure of what to do with your flooring issue, hopefully we’ve helped you turn the page on that decision. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call New Trendz Flooring at 604-546-0911.