As we move into the holiday season, it’s time for parties and family gatherings to fill our weekends. With all the activity and wet, snowy weather, it’s easy for main areas of the home to get dirty, especially the floors. How can you make sure to protect them this season? Well, here are five tips to help you ensure your flooring stays fresh as new for the holidays.

Festive Doormats and Rugs
If it hasn’t started snowing outside and the ground is relatively dry, getting a doormat for the main entrance as well as outside your front door will ensure clean floors all around. Guests just need to wipe off the soles of their shoes to prevent grit from scratching hardwood floors or being embedded into carpeting if guests decide to keep their shoes on. Place area rugs in high traffic area to further prevent floor damage.

Remove Your Shoes
Ask your guest to remove any outdoor footwear to preserve the structure and cleanliness of your floors as much as possible. Have a large, waterproof tray for guest shoes and boots by the inside of your front door to ensure no muddy footprints are tracked through your home. Or place it outside the entrance if you have a long guest list. This will guarantee zero debris makes contact with your floors while preventing guests from tripping over a mountain of wet shoes.

A Fake Tree Perhaps?
Whether you have laminate flooring, carpeting or hardwood, standing water can damage it over time. If you have a real Christmas tree that needs to be watered over the month or two that it’s on display, make sure you have a waterproof barrier between it and your floor. That could mean buying a waterproof tree stand or using a plastic dish to trap escaped moisture. If water spills, use a towel to wipe it up. Or perhaps you’ll just opt for a fake Christmas tree to avoid potential water damage and added stress.

Clean Frequently
During any holiday events, if a spill occurs, clean it up immediately to prevent staining, no matter the flooring material. And with all the guests that are coming and going, dirt and debris are sure to be tracked across your floors. Even though you might be exhausted after a big event and cleaning is the last thing on your mind, it’s important to do this now rather than later. Dirt buildup can scratch your floors or embed itself into carpet fibres permanently.

Shorten Any Claws
If you have carpeting throughout your home, you don’t have to worry too much about feisty pets with longer nails. But if you have hardwood flooring and want to preserve the finish and keep the surface scratch free, then now is the best time to cut your pet’s nails. Scratches can be buffed out or filled depending on how deep they are, but that may not be something you want to deal with during the holiday season.

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